Renovation of services: more adapted for everyone

I’m Abel Caro and today I want to introduce you to the new ways of hiring driving analysis, setups, race strategies or whatever you need within the world of simracing 😁

Weekly Monthly subscriptions

To make it easier (and cheaper) now the subscriptions are monthly, although the championships in which you participate are weekly or bi-weekly.

In any case, you can choose between six subscriptions in total, depending on the amount of weekly analysis you will need and if you drive alone or as a team.

Number of analyzes per week

Depending on your time, resources and aspirations, you can choose how many weekly analyzes you want:

  • One («amateur» subscriptions), to at least focus each race well
  • Two or three («intermediate» subscriptions), to better polish the preparation
  • Five («pro» subscriptions), to analyze each daily workout like a true professional

The idea of offering these different options is to guarantee that there will be a sufficient margin so that in less than 24 hours you can have the analysis and all the information that accompanies it. Thus, you will have a price adjusted to your needs and always with the maximum guarantees.

If the races are every two or more weeks, the number of weekly analyzes remain the same. For example, if you buy an amateur subscription (one analysis per week) for a competition that holds races every two weeks, you will have one analysis each week for the same race.

Individual or team

If you participate in competitions with your team and you are two or three drivers. Of course, we will analyze each one individually, understanding that each one has its strengths, its difficulties and its driving style.

In addition, when several drivers participate in the same races, we can use the data of one to compare them with another (if you all agree on it).

As you can see on the main page, the price of team subscriptions is cheaper if you divide the price between the drivers, because the management becomes easier.

Special events

Apart from the most common races, there are two types of events for which you can also benefit from Lebalap: hill climbs and endurance races.

In these cases, the organization is usually punctual and less frequently. So, to make it easier when you are going to prepare an event of this type, all you have to do is hire one of these services.

What goes into each analysis?


I could offer you the choice if you only want to prepare driving, modify setups or study the different race strategies, but at the end of the day, adapt the setup to an easily optimizable driving, change the driving style due to a small setup change that can be modified or establish strategies without taking into account how it degrades each setup or the way to take certain corners, it is not the most correct way.

So, whichever service you choose, we will always take a look at all the variables to attack the main weaknesses and thus really optimize performance.


How to improve in simracing by driving faster

Hello! I’m Abel Caro, race data-performance engineer at Lebalap, and I’m going to give you some tips to improve your driving in simracing.

1. Identify failures

If no mistakes were made, everyone would always do the same times lap after lap. But this is not what happens.

So, the most important thing is that you identify your mistakes and, above all, the reason that you are making them. For this it is important that you practice with other drivers or share telemetry data.

Some of the most common mistakes are not doing trail braking correctly, not rushing the entire width of the track when cornering or rushing with the accelerator.

In races, the most difficult thing is usually to regain confidence and return to good times after making a serious mistake, being surprised by the change of dynamics of the car with the recoil or being impatient with overtaking.

2. Train to improve, not to «hang out»

If you want to have a high level, it is essential to spend hours on the track going solo, looking for the limits of the track, the car and yours. But it is useless to spend hours driving if you do not do it from an analytical point of view. Quality is better than quantity.

Sometimes, it is not even worth looking to improve the times, but to make long runs without making those mistakes that usually arise. When your mind and body are completely used to avoiding them, the times and pace will come.

On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to share the track with teammates, this will help you greatly to improve. Your failures can be different from theirs and that will make you complement each other perfectly.

3. Telemetry analysis in simracing

The data reflects exactly what has been happening on the track. This means that it will tell you what you have done, how the car has behaved and under what conditions.

Of course, there are tens or even hundreds of variables that are stored, depending on the car and simulator. In addition to many others that must be created by transforming those.

It is not an easy task, but with Lebalap you have it easier than ever. Just download the data and send it to me. You will receive the video analysis of the guidelines you must follow, along with all the necessary dashboards, graphs and charts.

All generated with our own and exclusive software so you do not have to install anything to see them. Some of the variables that are analyzed in depth are the temperatures and performance of the engine, wheels, accelerator, brake, steering wheel rotation, gears, condition and behavior of the wheels, movement of the suspensions …

What is your excuse for not going to the next level?